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Hi, greetings to know us in the Bandoru team. Bandoru is a special pre-favorite item that comes from Japan. We provide branded, good quality and affordable items. In Bandoru and you can “digging” items such as shirts, pants, shoes, accessories and many more for men, women and children.

Bandoru what? It’s better than new!

How This Idea Started

Bandoru is a Japanese word meaning “BUNDLE”. We carry this name and make it a brand in Malaysia to show that this product originally came from Japan. Bandoru’s main objective is to open not only to make a profit, but to provide new satisfaction and experience where those out there can own branded, quality and affordable goods.

-Wafi, Founder Bandoru

Bandoru Far From You?

Don’t worry, now you can shop Bandoru items online!

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Bandoru Merchandise 2021 Kanagawa Wave Collection

Catch out Bandoru's brand new limited edition merchandise t-shirt. Made with high quality material. Size available from S to XXL.

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